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Publications 2014

Below is an overview of the various journals and reviews in which LSC members have had their expertise published in 2014.

  • Cunha, M.P., Rego, A., Clegg, S., & Lindsay, G. (forthcoming). The dialectics of serendipity. European Management Journal.

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    Guimarães-Costa, N. & Cunha, M.P. (forthcoming). Pessoa's 'disquietness' at work: A liminal approach to instrumental organizational engagement. Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie et de Gestion des Comportements Organisationnels.

    Logue, D., Jarvis, W., Clegg, S. and Hermens, A.(forthcoming 2015) Translating Models of Organization: Can the Mittelstand move from Bavaria to Geelong? Journal of Management and Organizations.

    Castanheira, F., & Story, J. (forthcoming). Making good things last longer: The role of savoring on the relationship between HRM and positive employee outcomes. Human Resource Management.

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    Gonzalez-Morales, G., & Neves, P. (in press). When stressors make you work: Mechanisms linking challenge stressors to performance. Work & Stress

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    Cunha, M.P., Neves, P., Clegg, S., & Rego, A. (in press). Tales of the unexpected: Discussing improvisational learning. Management Learning

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