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Publications 2013

Below is an overview of the various journals and reviews in which LSC members have had their expertise published in 2013.

  • Cunha, M.P., Rego, A. Lopes, M.P. (2013). Comportamento Organizacional Positivo. Análise Psicológica, 4 (XXXI), 375-390.

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    Cunha, M.P., Clegg, S. Rego, A. (forthcoming). The ethical speaking of objects: The "objective" world of young khmer rouge combatants. Journal of Political Power.

    Cunha, M.P., Clegg, S. Rego, A. Story, J. (forthcoming). Forget physics, chose realpolitik: Improvisational relations of power and resistance. Journal of Change Management.

    Cunha, M.P., Rego, A. Vaccaro, A. (forthcoming). Organizaitons as human communities and internal markets. Searching for duality. Journal of Business Ethics.

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    Cunha, M.P., Clegg; S. Rego, A. (forthcoming). Lessons for Leaders: Positive organizations studies meets Niccolò Machiavelli. Leadership.

    Cunha, M.P., Clegg; S. Kamoche, K. (forthcoming). Improvisation as real time foresight Futures.

    Simpson, A., clegg, S. Cunha, M.P. (2013). Expressing compassion in the face of crisis: Organizational practices in the aftermath of the Brisbane flodds od 2011. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 21 (2), 115-124.

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    Guimarães-Costa, N. Cunha, M.P. (forthcoming). Pessoa's "disquietness" at work: A liminal approach to instrumental organizational engagemetn. Revue Internationale de Psychosociology et de Gestion des Comportements Organizationnels.

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    Rego, A., Sousa, F., Marques, C. Cunha, M.P. (forthcoming). Hope and positive affect mediating the authentic leadership and creativity relationship. Journal of Business Research.

    Silva, T., Cunha, M.P., Clegg, S., Neves, P., Rego, A. Rodrigues, R. (forthcoming). Smells like team spirit: Opening a paradoxal black box. Human Relations.

    Story, J.S. (2013). Essay from an early career: to each his/her own "tune". Management Research, The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management., 11 (1), 100-107.

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