Our Activities

Investigating and Practicing Leadership

Research Activity

The CLS examines leadership on a conceptual level from six main angles – Positive Leadership and Organizing, Strategic Leadership, Global Leadership, Public Leadership, Strategic HRM and Business & Society.

Positive Leadership and Organizing

Work related to virtuous, charismatic, visionary, and heroic leadership are highlighted with a special focus on psychological capital. This line of research also examines destructive leadership styles and behavior, such as abusive supervision and bullying, with a positive perspective, advancing potential individual and organizational buffers.

Strategic Leadership

Includes works related to top management, leader development, and its impact on the strategic decisions primarily related to people management. Moreover, it also includes research focusing on how managers coordinate efforts during key organizational processes, such as major organizational changes and corporate social responsibility.

Global Leadership

The focus of this domain is on works related to cross-cultural and international leadership, including cultural intelligence and global mind-set development.

Public Leadership

Studies related to the critical view of leaders' political decisions and the fulfilments of their promises are investigated. Leadership is viewed on a more broadly perspective to include non-mainstream settings.

Strategic HRM

Studies focus on understanding how organizations can perform more effectively by better management of their human resources. The effectiveness of HR practices and the fit between these practices and organizational strategies is considered both from a content and a process approach.

Business & Society

Studies on the evolving relationship between business and society, including responsible leadership, social innovation, future of work, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.