Our Activities

Investigating and Practicing Leadership

Consulting, Coaching, Training & Executive Sabbaticals

The LSC adopts a four-pronged approach to applying the fruits of its research activity into leadership in a practical context.


  • Evidence-based Management: management and organizational advice consistent with international research into the field. Delivered via Goal Setting in order to enhance basic motivation levels, and Performance Monitoring in order to raise Productivity, Service Quality, Profitability, Survival, and Sales Volume.
  • Organizational Development and Change: diagnoses of people and practices are applied in the context of Growth Strategies, Mergers and Acquisitions, Internationalisation and Technological Transformations in order to assess the impact on enterprise results via systematic research.
  • Devil’s Advocacy: designed to help leaders and organizations reveal and explore their assumptions about business via an analysis of alternative assumptions and their consequence for the strategy and practices of the organization and discussion of alternative management models with Consultants and Managers.


  • Developing Leaders: a tailor-made program designed to assist organizations in nurturing current and future business leaders.
  • Coaching Program: the design and practical implementation of customized individual and team proposals to developing crucial leadership skills.


  • Executive Education: the LKC offers its clients a made-to-measure range of programs, with a particular focus on the areas of Management, Executive Masters, and Corporate Learning.
  • People and Team Management: fully customized programs devised with a view to developing leadership and teamwork.
  • Human Resources Programs: HR-specific training programs for businesses and organizations.

Executive Sabbaticals

  • Designed to facilitate opportunities for interaction and knowledge transfer between companies and academia in the fields of leadership and human resource management, these sabbaticals may take a variety of formats depending upon the interests of the two parties, particularly of the executives but in general are structured as short-duration stays at the School.